Thursday, October 22, 2009

Getting Started

I always wanted to be a writer...

I can remember sitting in the pew at my church in Lubbock, Texas, when I was about seven writing weird little stories that I would give my mother to read. She would look at the paper, look at me, and sometimes she would smile. I always had a story going on in my mind, but as I grew older, I never took the time to put the words on paper. So, in my attempt to put the thoughts into words, I decided to try this blog thing. I know so many people say they want to be a writer, but if I don't give it a try, then it will be something to add to my regret list.

[Now, I know you are wondering about a regret list, but I just decided that will be an idea for one of my blogs!!!!]

So, on this blog space I will be writing about things from my past, memories that I want to share. I will be writing about random thoughts that often cross my mind. I will be writing about things that are happening right now in my life and the world. And maybe I will write about some hopes and dreams for the future.

I hope you will read these from time to time. It will give you some little hint of who I am and maybe you will get to know me a little better.

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