Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Refund for Miley

Yesterday and today, there have been a lot of media splash about Miley Cyrus's performance at the MTV VMAs. (Just typing that sounds like painful inoculations!) And watching the performance on the news proved to be, well painful. Painfully awkward. Painfully ridiculous. Painfully embarrassing for many of her former fans. There has been a lot of speculation as to why Miley did this. It's like seeing someone open their mouth when their dog gives them "kisses." Yuck! And it is natural to question the freaky. And people, it was FrEaKy!!

As I scrolled through my Facebook account, I saw no less than five blog postings and a slew of comments about Miley's latest behavior. People were posting these as:

"I have daughters and I don't want them to do anything so disgusting,"
"Did anyone ever tell Miley, no?"
"Miley is trying to be Britney Spears and announce her impending adulthood"
"Shame on America and the world for idolizing child stars"
"Miley needs Jesus"

All of these topics have merit and someone should or should have addressed these with Miley long before she was old enough to own her own house, drive her Ferrari, or become engaged to her former fiance who was seriously older. Obviously, if someone did discuss appropriate behavior with her it either didn't sink in or no one revisited the topic before she was turned loose. As I watched parts of the performance on The Today Show, I kept looking for someone with a leash, a net, or a lasso. Will Smith and his wife looked like they were saying, "Someone just stop her!" And someone probably should have done just that. Should we be so surprised? I mean, it's MTV and I wouldn't have been surprised if Snooki had ripped off one of the pink bear costumes and joined her.

Personally, I love the comments from people who said that Miley was just trying to do what Britney did years ago to assert her maturity during her MTV Awards strip performance. Well, let's just think about that subject and how well it went for poor Britney. (Pause) Uhmmm... She seems to be doing better, now, but it was rocky for a while. I wonder if Britney wished for a do-over from time-to-time about some of her early adulthood antics. She made Mickey Mouse cry!

I strongly feel that Miley or any future media idol would benefit from a long and cloistered stay at the Convent of Holy Obedience, run by the Carmelite Nuns who practice devoted silence before their debut as a new adult. Rising at daybreak for vespers/prayers, scrubbing tile floors on your boney little knees when it's not time for vespers/prayers,and in bed by nightfall might give a young woman in need of asserting her adulthood time to reflect on just what that might include. Regular progress reports could be made by the Mother Superior. Yes, I think that Miley (or insert name) is grasping the responsibility her actions or No, Miley (or insert name) needs more time to scrape the paint off the outside of the Convent with a nail file as she is not ready to be behave in public.

One comment or blog post is missing, though, but I know what a lot of people are thinking because I was thinking it, too. Many of us were thinking, if that was my daughter I would have...
thrown myself on the stage, dragged (insert daughter's name) off the stage, kicking and screaming (me), and possibly whipping until we were off camera. Of course, I would have done this in total love for my child because we all know that sometimes love hurts. I didn't see her parents cheering her on from the front row, but maybe they couldn't sit there because Billy Ray is not an "A Lister." But even sitting on the last row wouldn't have stopped me from making my way up to the stage to stop the tragedy.

If this is the price for fame, Miley needs her money back.

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