Saturday, October 13, 2012

It's a twap!!

For those of you who know me, you know I have two kids. Meghan and Jordan. Meghan is five years older than her brother, Jordan. Life with children is best described as "busy" or better yet, "unpredicitable." And unpredictable definitely describes the events of raising my two "wanna be comedians." And trust me, life with my two kids has had some seriously funny moments. Here is one of those episodes.

When my kids were young, we had the privilege of having a lovely piano in our home. It belonged to my niece, Leslie, and my daughter, Meghan, took piano lessons and played it as long as it graced our living room. One day, I heard some noise coming from the living room and I left the kitchen to check to see what was going on. Jordan was about five and was obsessed with bungee cords so it was no surprise to see him with a handful sitting in front of the piano. Some of the cords were wrapped around the legs of the piano bench and one was on the handle of the nearby coat closet door. "What are you doing, Jordy?" I asked. "Buildin' a twap," is how he answered. "A trap??" "What are you planning to trap?" I asked. My precious little tow-head looked at me so sincerely and said, "Meghan!" "Meghan!!!" I replied. "Oh, Son! You need to be really careful trying to trap your sister!" "She will GET YOU!" He just smiled and chuckled as he wove those bungee cords through the legs of the piano bench. I thought to myself, "He's got one big imagination."

A little while later, as I was working in the kitchen, I heard the sound of someone running down the hallway and then CRASH-BANG-BOOM!! I ran into the living room to find lying under the piano bench and a kitchen chair, a dazed and very confused Meghan! Jordan was standing nearby with the most wicked grin on his face. He yelled, "Got her!" Needless to say, when Meg untangled herself and climbed over the piano bench and chair, she made a grab for Jordan. He looked at me and I looked at him and off he ran!


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